Long-Range Transportation Plan Overview

The long-range transportation plan (LRTP) is the vision for maintaining and enhancing the regional multimodal transportation system for the next 20 years. The plan, updated at least every five years, identifies the region’s critical needs and challenges and provides a framework that will guide decision-making for future transportation investments. HEPMPO has begun developing a new LRTP update, entitled Direction 2050, to be completed in 2022. Click here to read HEPMPO’s current Long-Range Transportation Plan.

Long-Range Transportation Plan Timeline

  • Performance Measures & Targets
  • Scenario Planning
  • Project Recommendations & Funding
  • Draft LRTP Document
  • Public Comment Period
  • Public Meetings
  • Final LRTP Document

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Name Materials
LRTP Kick-off Meeting
January 27, 2021
Agenda | Presentation | Meeting Minutes
Public Meeting - Martinsburg
June 22, 2021
Meeting Information Presentation
Public Meeting - Ranson
June 23, 2021
Meeting Information | Meeting Recording
Public Meeting - Hagerstown
June 29, 2021
Meeting Information

Current Projects

Through the evaluation of challenges and needs, the current Long-Range Transportation Plan identified a comprehensive inventory of regional projects that would provide greater efficiency and connectivity within the current transportation system. These projects were categorized based on their cost and benefit, as well as what funding will be available since the estimated funding for all projects across the region far exceeds the total amount of funding anticipated. The list of projects will be reviewed and updated as part of this LRTP process.

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The existing and committed projects are projects that have dedicated funding sources and are programmed in the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).

Unconstrained projects are the projects that represent the transportation “needs list” for the region.

Fiscally constrained projects are those projects prioritized for future funding in the next 25 years.


Matt Mullenax, GISP

Executive Director, HEPMPO





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